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Soul Eater Icon Prompt
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Here's an icon contest community that is for all fans of Soul Eater. Listed below are a few rules regarding each weekly competition. The competitions provide three prompts each week, an image, a texture, and some lyrics, at least one of which must be used in your submission(s).


All members, even moderators are welcome to participate in each weekly competition. The icon you plan to submit into the contest cannot be advertised anywhere like your private journal, etc. You may have ask people to vote for you on the condition that you do not ask them to vote for your specific icons. That will be considered cheating and will disqualify your icons.

Icons must be:
- no more than 40k in file size
- no more than 100x100 pixels in dimension
- meet the criteria of the current theme
- must be hosted by your own server (ex: tinypic)


The new prompts will be announced after the voting post for the current week's theme is posted. Submissions are accepted Saturday through Friday and the new challenge starts when the last challenge ends. Submit your icon in a comment in the post where the theme is said and include the following:

1. Your icon
2. Your icon's URL



Failure to meet all the criteria will result in your icon not being accepted. Please make sure you've also closely followed the requirements specified by the individual theme, which are explained in the submission post. Failure to follow these requirements will also result in disqualification. All submissions will be screened for obvious reasons.


All community members are allowed to vote. Voting usually begins at 12:00 midnight US Eastern Time on Saturday morning. (Please be sure to allow for the time difference depending on where you live.) Voting ends at 10:00 p.m. US Eastern Time on Monday night (estimated). All votes are screened. The voting prompt entry will outline how many icons you are to vote for, and it will usually be 3.


Any questions, please feel free to contact your moderator, naturalbluicons through LJ Messaging, please do not use her personal journal as a way to contact her!